About Us

Christian Yoga Magazine is an online forum for people of all religious traditions to explore how they can integrate Eastern physical and spiritual practices — such as yoga, meditation and Tai Chi — into their daily lives while remaining true to their deepest spiritual beliefs.  It was founded by a small group of committed Christians who also practice yoga.  Some practice yoga solely for its physical benefits and view yoga as little different from, say, Pilates… while others are more interested in the spiritual side of yoga.  We are aware that a minority of Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) believe that yoga is dangerous because it allegedly indoctrinates its adherents into a non-Christian, specifically Hindu worldview.

While we are respectful of this attitude, we believe such concerns are largely unfounded, especially in Europe and the United States.  The overwhelming majority of yoga classes in the U.S., Canada and Europe have practically no real philosophical orientation at all and are almost entirely focused on physical (asana) practice.  Indeed, many Christians who attend yoga classes at their local gyms or YMCAs wished there was more spiritual substance, not less.