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Lose weight with natural yoga health recipes.

For fast and easy weight loss, you can’t beat the yoga diet! That’s because the ancient principles of nutrition taught by yoga for 5,000 years can help you lose weight even when western-style diets fail. Yogis have known for millennia that exercise alone is not enough. You can exercise all day long but if you don’t give your body the nutrition it craves, you won’t lose weight.

Yoga practice, combined with the “green,” organic diet followed by many yogis, seems to burn off weight faster than almost any other weight-loss approach. Unfortunately, busy modern people often find it difficult to follow this “green” diet — which is why many modern yogis use supplements. (You can get a FREE bottle of a wonderful organic “green” diet supplement by clicking on the link below.)

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Think about it. Have you ever noticed how the people you know who practice yoga tend to be slim? One reason, of course, is that they are more conscious of their bodies. Daily yoga practice in light clothing naturally gives you a greater awareness of your physical health.

But serious yoga practitioners also follow proven nutritional guidelines that maximize weight loss. They guidelines include:

1. Eat primarily fruits and vegetables. Strict yogis tend to be vegetarians, which naturally helps you lose weight because of the limited amount of fat found in vegetables and fruits. However, even yogis who are not vegetarians find that by loading up on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables they are better able to reduce their dependence upon meat products.

2. Avoid alcohol. Yogis don’t tend to drink much – which is a good thing, because nothing stands in your way when you want to lose weight like the empty calories found in alcohol. In the West, of course, many people enjoy a glass or two of wine with their meals – and only the most strict of yogis would forbid that. However, if you’re trying to lose weight quickly and easily, try limiting your consumption of alcohol to the weekends. You’ll be amazed how quickly the excess pounds fall away.

3. Eat only raw and organic foods. Western food processing eliminates much of the nutritional value of food and destroys the enzymes that foster good digestion. If at all possible, only eat foods you’ve purchased in their natural state – and avoid all canned, frozen and processed foods.

4. Just Say No to refined sugar. Sugar is white poison. It really is. Almost all processed food made today contains large amounts of sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) that many scientists suspect is the primary reason behind the epidemic of diabetes in the modern world. If you have a sweet tooth, try eating dark chocolate or natural organic honey instead of refined sugar. Also avoid all artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or Spenda.

5. Eat only “local” foods that are in season. This will not only save you tremendous amounts of money but will also make sure you get only the freshest foods without preservatives.

6. Don’t mistake Indian food for yoga food. While India is the birthplace of yoga, it doesn’t follow that the Indian diet is the same as the yoga diet. Quite the opposite, in fact. While many Indians are vegetarians, they also eat large amounts of deep-fat-fried foods and dishes that are a disaster for anyone who wishes to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, eat like Indian yogis, not the typical Indian office worker.

7. Fast regularly. Fasting is an ancient health and spiritual regimen practiced both in ancient India and throughout Christendom. It is also a very effective way to “jump start” a weight loss program. Western Christians are used to fasting, often on Fridays, because of the Roman Catholic custom of observing Lent. Originally, Catholics gave up all meat products during the 40 days of Lent. The word “carnival,” for example, which refers to the day or week preceding the start of Lent, literally means “goodbye” (vale) to meat (carne). When beginning fasting, always check with your doctor first.

8. Use natural herbal supplements for detox. Many western yogis take advantage of research into how natural plant products can help reduce your appetite and burn off excess fat quickly. Such products as Hoodia appear to help some people with weight loss. Yogis avoid “pills” as much as possible, however, and prefer herbal products in their natural state. The yogi motto is, “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.”

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