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Cover Issue-250pxChristian Yoga Magazine is the only online magazine dedicated exclusively to Christian Yoga and the exploration of Eastern ways of meditation, simple living and health within a western spiritual framework. Christian Yoga Magazine offers authentic teachings from the world’s contemplative traditions and applies the wisdom born of Christian spiritual practice to all spheres of life—from work and parenting to the arts.

Millions of Americans have now been introduced to yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and other contemplative disciplines through popular Christian writers such as Jean-Marie Dechanet, Anthony de Mello, Thomas Keating, Cynthia Bourgeault, Kim Boykin, Thomas Ryan and Thomas Moore.

For the many who want to know more, the next step is Christian Yoga Magazine. In its pages and online, readers discover the richness and depth of the Christian contemplative tradition and how that tradition can be encountered through the first steps of practical Eastern spiritual disciplines, such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice.

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